Supervised Theses

Master theses

AuthorBöcker, Clemens
SupervisorProf. Dr. Philipp Wiedemann

In a collaboration with the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg and the KIT we work on image analysis as a means to control the quality of stored red blood cells. Recent result is a Master Thesis by Clemens Böcker, Hochschule Mannheim (2018): Flow Cytomorphometry for assessment of Red Blood Cells. In an ongoing collaboration with several internal and external partners, we work on image analysis of production process relevant animal cells (see e.g. Momentarily, we focus on NS0 cells.

Bachelor theses

AuthorKames, Stefanie
SupervisorProf. Dr. Lutz Strüngmann

The genetic code has many facettes and one of the most ineteresting is its assignment between codons and amino acids that shows a unique redundancy. In this thesis the Fibonacci numbers will be studied and how they can be used in non-power models to describe such redunancy of ancient genetic codes and variants of the present code.

AuthorKarpuzoglu, Tuncay Ali
SupervisorProf. Dr. Markus Gumbel
DateMarch 2018